How to introduce a multi-services organisation?


French Institutes are cultural organisations, part of the French Foreign Affairs Ministry. They are based in different cities throughout the world to promote the French language and culture. The French Institute located in Beirut is a big hub gathering few services: a cinema, a library, language courses, local relationship services, etc. The Institute wanted to follow a new strategic direction, making their services more visible. The intention was to connect more with the broader community by showing the diversity of their services.
Within Pascal Colrat’s Studio, I was called on to create a new communication medium gathering and introducing all departments.
The concept was to create a sort of business card per service, with clear introduction and contact details. We went for a detachable leaflet of postcards: the leaflet could be used as a whole and/or each services could detach its postcard to give its contact details.
Dancing silhouettes with bright images of Lebanon were designed for the front covers.


Atelier Pascal Colrat
for Institut français du Liban




Visual identity
Presentation leaflet