The context

The CAPEB organisation supports independent construction professionals in their daily work. The Union wanted to create a mobile application for workers and their employers to more easily fill in the number of hours worked on their sites.
The situation: initially workers would fill in loose paper sheets and provide them to the employer at the end of each day/week. This system was clearly not efficient: paper sheets could be lost, they could be hard to read and would be time (and environment) consuming for the employers.
It was asked, for this new mobile application Chronos, to be an easy tool and solve those issues thanks to a clear user experience.

UX design
UI and graphic designs


One hundred acorns

An easy tool

The Chronos mobile app helps the builders as a daily tool. It generates a calendar with planned tasks. From this calendar the worker can fill in his worked hours and the allocated time slots for any given week. The worker can also modify his weekly hours and tasks. By the end of the week each calendar is automatically sent to the employer for check and validation.

For workers & employers

The employers can add employees on each project and follow up on the time worked on each site. They can validate the number of hours worked by each employee. The application then connects to their management accounts and can generates pay slips.
The employers can also use the application to keep track on their different ongoing projects. On the dashboard they have an overview on the time spent by the builders and the teams and compare that with what they initially estimated, making the process much more efficient.
The Chronos app has therefore helped this business and the employees to work, manage and pay staff in a much better way.