Institut français de Bucarest




Visual identity
Branding cultural program
Services communication

A brand new refreshed image for a well-established cultural organisation


French Institutes are cultural organisations, part of the French Foreign Affairs Ministry. They are based in different cities throughout the world to promote the French language and culture. The French Institute located in Bucharest offers French classes for children and adults, a multimedia library, a cinema and organise cultural events such as conferences, concerts, film festivals and more.
Back in 2007, the French Institute in Bucharest wanted to follow a new strategic direction. The intention at that time was to connect more with the broader community by showing the value of a cultural centre. In this context, I was assigned to design the new identity of the French Institute in Bucharest. The first step was to do the design work for the new printed bilingual and bi-monthly cultural program. Following this, communication materials for the language courses, the library and a new signage. The tools used were bright colours, a sharp design and daring materials like the two-sided cultural program.

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